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Picking Up Items/Gold[]

Items or gold will sometimes appear on the ground when a monster is defeated. To pick up items and gold, click on them when your character is close to them, and a white aura appears around the object. You must be close enough to the item or gold pile to pick it up. Items disappear after a time when they are left on the ground, so it is suggested to pick up items the player desires before five minutes pass with the item on the ground.

Inventory Window

Press B to open your inventory, but it can also be accessed by pressing the inventory button in the top right menu. Your inventory window will allow you to click-and-drag items around, view the total gold your character currently has, or to click-and-drag items into the tiny trashcan icon to delete them permanently. However, most people tend to sell their unused items so they may be turned into gold for their own benefit.

Item Rarities

Each item has several stats such as Damage, Defense, Mana Regeneration, etc. The quality of these stats is randomized for each item that you find. Each item has its own quality rating, and together they add up to determine the overall item quality. Below is a preformatted code to explain the roll, rarity, and bonus the item emanates.

       Common Quality          <= 60% roll
       Uncommon Quality        <= 80% roll
       Rare Quality            <= 90% roll, 2+ stat items
       Epic Quality            <= 100% roll, 3+ stat items

Adding up all the individual stat rolls for each item, and then calculating the average roll quality will yield the resulting overall item quality. As such, in order to have a rare or epic item, all of the items stats need to be really good. This makes it so that it is possible to have an item with an epic stat roll, with the overall item quality being only uncommon. For an item to be rare, it requires at least 2 stats (meaning bags cannot be rare). For epic, it requires 3 stats (no rings and some offhand items that only have two rolls).

Selling Items

When you want to sell items, find a base/spawn area that matches your faction. You will also find a vibrant purple-bodied NPC called “Trader” located in the center of the spawn. Approach the Trader and then click on it to open the sell menu. You can right-click items to sell them without bothering to click and drag them, or you can drag them into the sell window that popped up as the other option; however, be sure to be close enough to the Trader or the trade interface will not show.

Item Tips

Some items are very common while others are quite rare. It is wise to keep items that you can use in the future if they are better than what you have currently equipped if you have the room (use bags to increase room). Some items are incredibly rare for their stat variety since stats will vary from item to item (even if they are of the same type). If your inventory is full, a wise move would be to sell what you do not need just in the event that a super-rare item can be obtained; you don't want to make a panicked decision about what to delete just to pick up the new item. Be sure to keep at least some space in your inventory for new items that just happen to appear.


  • Items were added with the Alpha 17 update.


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