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There are two Factions in Hordes.io: FactionA.png Vanguard and FactionB.png Bloodlust, sometimes called team Blue and Red.

Players from opposite factions will be hostile to each other (however, players more than 5 levels higher or lower than the enemy cannot be harmed by them, but can still provide buffs to your teammates). Defeating enemy players and monsters grants Coin.png Gold and Fame. Each faction has a boss (Vanguard's boss is called Balius, Bloodlust's is called koloss), a large mob with high damage, health, exp and gold when killed, that can be defeated as well two smaller mobs (called Wardens) around it, guarding the local spawnpoint. Each faction controls two different areas, one where the bosses are located and another separate area that is guarded by other Wardens (equally as powerful as the ones guarding the King / Leader.

There are global leaderboards that feature the best performing players of both factions regardless of server. Bloodlust players are shown in a red color while Vanguard players are displayed as blue. They may also show their Classes, Level, and amount of Fame! It's best to check their player profile to see what you're up against when you encounter these tough people.

Vanguard: The Vanguard are led by a King named Balius. Comprised of the newer players. Many choose the path of the Vanguard, unaware of what the Vanguard objective is, the more experienced Vanguard members take pride in having a sense of independence and free reign in the many fields they lay claim to. Often times, Vanguard members will only band together when the Bloodlust faction poses a serious threat. Otherwise, while small clans in the Vanguard do exist they remain largely scattered and uncoordinated compared to their counterpart faction, the Bloodlust. It is typical to see the Vanguard operating in an unorthodox fashion whereby they see their identity as uniform under the Vanguard banner as opposed to identifying with specific clans. In this sense, they believe they are providing order to the world.

BloodLust: The Bloodlust are under the control of a Leader called Koloss. Comprised of members who are competitive, most know the path they have chosen when they seek out a life in the Bloodlust faction. They take pleasure in seeking out and destroying enemies of all kinds, hence their name. Akin to a warrior like society, the Bloodlust are tribal players and almost always are in a clan of some kind. This is because the Bloodlust own significantly less land than their counterpart, the Vanguard. Being vastly outnumbered, they were forced to band together to fight for what they own and farm or risk losing it to the Vanguard. It is this methodology that has made the Bloodlust a threat with several clans operating with deadly efficiency. The Bloodlust though, do not identify with much unity and on occasion, the players respective clan will take priority over the condition of the faction. This nearly guarantees that a player absent a clan in Bloodlust will struggle to survive if they are not able to find one, or train to join one.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Factions[]


  • Advantages: The Vanguards are plentiful so when they desire, they gang up on the Bloodlust.
  • Disadvantages: The Vanguards are not as used to battling other players; this may lead to their downfall.


  • Advantages: The Bloodlust have fewer members which forces them to be strategic in combat. This gives the Bloodlust an advantage in battle because they are forced to rely on tactics and strategy, rather than numbers.
  • Disadvantages: Since the Bloodlust are fewer in numbers, this makes it harder to "party up" with other players.