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Classes are the types of playable characters that are available in Hordes.io. Each one has their own set of unique skills.

There are currently four classes to choose from:

  • Class Warrior.png Warrior : Tank Type, uses sword to slash enemies.
  • Class Mage.png Mage : Ranged Type, uses magical powers to slow & freeze enemies.
  • Class Shaman.png Shaman : Healer Type, uses nature abilities to support and keep allies alive.
  • Class Archer.png Archer : Ranged Type, uses Bow to pierce enemies.

There are also NPC characters which are not playable:

Class Strengths/Weaknesses[]

As it is well known for certain classes to have different strengths & weaknesses, they are posted here:

  • The Archer has heavy-damage skills which can easily find themselves with much advantage over less-leveled Mages. However, they are sometimes slow(ish) and their attacks are too weak against skilled Shamans, whose damage levels are lower, but have slows and are DoTs. Archers are not really neutral on anything, because their kill depends on the awareness of the self and/or opponent.
  • Mages are very 'ranged' and can easily get out of sticky situations. They are claimed to be 'immune' to the attacks from Warriors at times, but not completely. If mages fight each other, it usually ends in a stalemate competition, as they can heal, batter, and flee just as much as the other. they can sometimes overthrow Shamans if in groups, but are usually weak against Archers.
  • Those Shamans can sometimes appear to be overpowered, with high levels of experience and fame. They can also farm hordes of players with some ease, but them alone will not help. Warriors can almost barely be able to hurt them, and Archers/Mages can somewhat get at them in time.
  • Players of the Warrior class can have balanced high attack and good defense, and can heal easily with a press of "4" when close to another enemy player. However, they are rare to find on the Leaderboard and struggle at keeping up with Shamans, Mages, and Archers if left alone. However, they can wipe Shamans easily in packs. In fights of warrior to warrior, if usually ends with one winning by a landslide, or neutral/stalemate.